Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let's get ready to rumble...

So Jess and I just returned from visiting the in-laws in White Post and the whole way back I was thinking about getting rolling on this thing. I've decided to start with a series of posts reviewing my own personal "best of" for the last year. I'll commence with music and then move on to movies, TV, books, etc. Hopefully I'll drum up some visitors and we can get a discussion going on why you feel I'm totally wrong in my picks. But first, a few groundrules:

1) "best" to me may not be best to you, so keep in my mind that these are simply my favorites and not meant to represent some platonic absolute. If you don't like my inclusions/omissions start your own fucking blog.

2) why be limited to 10? Top tens are too restrictive and I have no intention of quibbling over the order either. So order will also be arbitrary. Suffice it to say that all selections will be in good company, but in no particular order

3) Let's not be picky about release dates. I may include some things that were technically released in 2008, but didn't show up on my radar until the last year. I'll try to keep it recent. There will be plenty of later posts on old stuff that's new to me.

OK -- that's it. I'll be getting the music post up soon and will attempt to include links and AV examples to make my points. Type at you all soon.

- Furious

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